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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Posthumous Interview with Jennifer Lewis aka Louie Pepperstorm

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Sometimes in life we encounter people who impact our lives simply because of their essence—those that can affect change in the world, not only by using their gifts, but also by being caring and kind to all those they meet. Jennifer “Pepperstorm” Lewis was such an individual. Her boundless energy, generosity, and talent surpassed borders and boundaries, and her infectious personality and kind disposition touched the lives of many.


We connected through the internet as artists with Caribbean lineage, and a flair for the distinctive—it was as if we were kindred creative souls. Although I never met her, I could clearly sense her energy through the emails that we shared. She appeared to be a person of peace, authenticity and kindness.

Jennifer Lewis, aka Louie Pepperstorm was born in Britain in June of 1966 to parents from St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). As the youngest of three sisters, she was exceedingly creative, and forward thinking.  Her mother, Mrs. Daisy Lewis encouraged Jennifer to draw and paint from a young age. By her teenage years she was selling hand painted t-shirts and had started her own business. Soon she would go on to pursue a higher education in art.

In addition to receiving an advanced degree in art, Jennifer went on to graduate from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London U.K. in 1997 with a degree in Jewelry Design. Jennifer Lewis worked in the U.K. as a commercial artist where, amongst other things, she worked on music videos designing sets and styling the models and musicians. She would eventually come to work with the popular music group Soul to Soul, designing for them and enhancing their performance outfits and sets with her creative genius, while they traveled the world.

By using a variety of mediums, Jennifer was able to create magical and ethereal works of art that seemed otherworldly. Many of her paintings were influenced by her connection to her native island of St. Vincent, but one could also say that her influences came from the many places that she traveled throughout the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia. In particular, Lewis felt a strong connection to Africa, and it was very clear in her powerful imagery of people of color. 

Lewis’ work captured the spirit of a people in a magical way. In addition to painting, she created sculpture, pottery and hand-made jewelry. She was also an educator who participated in workshops, and assisted her community on a regular basis. Jennifer was an active woman filled with vitality and passion.  With her vivacious use of color and her fantastical jewelry, with their fascinating sculptural effects, Lewis’ work simply illuminated the range of her creative skills.

"Jennifer was more like an older sister to me, she always encouraged and helped me pursue my interest’s and to be confident." -Denai

Jennifer, who had recently moved back to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to care for her parents, had taken up work as an educator working with artists and students around the island. Her vast creative experience and world travel was welcomed and appreciated by all on the island. Her works have been exhibited widely throughout the U.K., and has touched the lives of people throughout the world.

On June 15th 2012, Jennifer Lewis celebrated her 46th birthday. She had just secured her own work space in St. Vincent, and her family in the U.K. had just packed up her belongings and shipped what her sister calls, “her whole life,” to SVG.

On Sunday night, June 17, 2012 at 3:00 am, Jennifer awoke to the sound of the dog barking. Perplexed, she walked down the stairs, and opened the window to check on him. Robbers attempting to break into her home shot her in the chest, killing her.

Her loving family is still reeling from the death of Jennifer. Family, friends, associates, and those that she touched with her spirit are all shocked and saddened by the unexpected death of such a talented and amazingly kind person.

The perpetrators have been arrested and are currently facing trial—we pray for a swift punishment for these criminals so that Jennifer’s family can begin to heal.

I want to thank her sister Hazelanne, and her nephew Denai, for taking time during this difficult circumstance to communicate with us here at Cultured Artists™, and for allowing us to write about Jennifer. She was an amazing person that meant a lot to many people, and although my experience communicating with her was minimal—I felt a strong connection to her and her work.We will continue praying for the healing of her family during this difficult time.

 “Jen was full of life and was tolerant of others and was excited about what she was planning to do. She had an inner peace about her and she was always encouraging and had patience with people.” 
 --Hazelanne Lewis

Jennifer Lewis aka Louie Pepperstorm’s work will truly live on. She has created an amazing legacy by creating astounding work for herself and for the community. Please continue to support her by visiting her website at:

The Vincentian and Jennifer Lewis' family

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  1. This is utterly heart breaking. I met Jennifer in London in the late 90's. How anyone could ever harm such a gentle unassuming kind humble deeply intelligent soul. What a heartless senseless cruel deranged crime. Jennifer was super gentle, always spoke so warm & kindly of her Sister & her parents. She was without a moment of doubt truly the finest of humans you could ever have the honour of being in her company. She had a graciousness & a presence of love in all that she was. Above all she would never speak ill of anyone & at times I felt people took advantage of her. Jennifer was a very deep person whom had deep self respect & love of her Family. I'm so devastated & deeply sorry for all your loss. We lost touch after both moving. Jennifer I wish I could of taken the bullet for you. Beloved soul, I know you sit crowned among the most divine in the heavenly realms. Peace be with you eternally & my deepest heartfelt thoughts go out to your Family.

  2. Please forgive my error , I couldn't edit, I meant to say her Sisters.

  3. Dear Tamara, I tried to get in touch with you, alas this double cruel blow. There is no sense what so ever that two divine queens have been taken from earth way too soon. This is just too heartbreaking for words. Love be eternally with you both.

  4. Sending eternal love:


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